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Alice Pazzi

Alice Pazzi, born in Florence, obtains degrees at the “Michelangelo” high school and the Academy of Graphics & Arts “Leonetto Cappiello”. Very soon, Astrology is among her main interests, since 1970. In 1987 she moves to Milan and starts a career in some major advertising agencies (McCann Erikson Italiana S.p.A , Kartell SpA; Studio di PR Perrisich S.r.l
) as a senior account.
In 1991 she takes part in the start-up of Promos (a company controlled by the Milan Chamber of Commerce), where she serves until 1999.
At the same time, she becomes an Astrology professional, writing for magazines, web portals, and participating - as an expert - in TV and radio programs.
In 2002 she refreshes an old passion, the Collage. Friendship with some famous artists (i.e.: Mimmo Rotella and Enrico Bai) contributed to enhance her knowledge and skills in such technique. In addition, she introduces in her artworks a new concept, based on recycled materials.
A series of collages of Zodiac signs and other subjects are released at this stage.
Starting from 2004, she reshapes photographic printings of portraits and landscapes, as of advertising placards, introducing these new collage techniques, creating the so-called “picture dressing”.

"Collage is an art fascinated me since ever: The search of materials to be used, their quality, colors and shape are very intriguing and stimulating, in me, the desire to let them merge. So, suddenly, the magic is created… a visual message which brings my feelings and emotions…”

So, oriental antique silks and papers are mixed with paillettes and sea shells found on the beach, but also stained glass, as air bubbles, rising up to the surface through fishermen’s nets...

Currently, besides her exhibitions, Alice Pazzi is teaching techniques of recycling collage.

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16 aprile 2015
Energy of Emotions - Rogue Space - New York - USA

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